2 eBooks With Proven Formulas To Win Amazon Appeals & Prevent Suspension

Proven Formulas to Win Amazon Appeals and Prevent suspension ebooks

Many Amazon sellers receive surprise suspension notices and immediately shift into panic mode not knowing the process and best action needed to get their account reinstated. 

We want to set you up for success to prevent suspension, prepare you with a game plan to appeal if you do receive a violation, and get quickly reinstated. 

No one wants to receive the dreaded Amazon suspension notice. Top selling Amazon Sellers’ book Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account, by eGrowth Partners Founder, Cynthia Stine helps keep you out of suspension trouble. 

Cynthia applies her experience selling on Amazon since 2010 combined with consulting with clients at eGrowth Partners to help readers of her book stay free from violations. In the book, she outlines clear steps and advice while sharing case studies to help you stay clear of suspension and maintain a clean and active Amazon Seller account. 

Amazon Plans of Action by Scott Margolius along with Suspension Prevention give you strategies and concrete action plans to respond to suspension appeals and get your account back selling. 

While Suspension Prevention details tactics to keep your account clean as well as deciphering the Amazon reinstatement process and strategies, Amazon Plans of Action takes a deep dive into writing winning appeals.

Scott applies his eight years of Amazon selling experience and 98% appeal win rate to outline a step-by-step process to stay in control of the appeal and increase success. 

Amazon Plans of Action includes:

"Scott Margolius uses examples and clear writing to answer the perennial question: “What does Amazon want?!?”

By explaining the thought process behind an appeal, his book helps sellers feel confident to tackle a wide range of suspension challenges. It is an asset to the seller community."

Together these two books empower Amazon Sellers to take control of their accounts and if needed, devise a plan of action to win your appeal and reinstate your account. For a limited time, these two books are offered together for $14.99.

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