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We offer protection services such as Amazon account reinstatements, Intellectual Property Protection & Enforcement, and more.


eGrowth Partners provides customized Amazon Account Maintenance Services and dedicated Virtual Assistants trained on Amazon to meet your exact needs.


We provide Amazon marketing assistants for Amazon Sellers to grow their business.

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the benefits of working with us

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Get Reinstated & Protect Your Amazon Seller Account

“Suspension” is the most chilling word in the Amazon lexicon for third-party sellers – representing lost income and the possibility of being banned from the platform. Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Account empowers sellers by explaining how it works, how to keep from being suspended and how to get reinstated if needed.

Valuable Information for Amazon Sellers

packaging for amazon

Brands Need to Re-Think Their Packaging for Amazon

Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) is a program that helps brands create packaging that is easy for customers to open and recycle. FFP packaging is designed to reduce customer frustration and waste, and it is becoming increasingly popular with brands of all sizes.

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