Our Amazon Seller Experts add precision, efficiency, and compliance expertise to your team.

Let our skilled Amazon Seller Experts manage your account, easing your workload. With their expertise, they swiftly resolve seller issues, saving you time and hassle.

Gain Instant Support from a Diverse Team of Seller Central Specialists.

Use our highly-trained Amazon Special Experts to manage your Seller account while decreasing your stress and workload. With our Amazon special forces, you instantly gain access to specialists with a deep knowledge base solving all types of Amazon seller issues. Our dynamic teams are formally trained and highly experienced to support all the needs and nuances of your Amazon seller account. Unlike inhouse teams that take significant onboarding HR resources, time and training, when you use our Amazon special experts, they already have experience and deep training to immediately make an impact day one. 

When you have a challenge, we create solution-specific specialist teams to quickly & correctly solve your issue. 

Our 40+ person elite team each have issue-specific specializations gained over ten years supporting Amazon sellers and through our proprietary formal training program created by founder and industry leader Cynthia Stine.

Compared to hiring an Amazon generalist to support your account who may not have the knowledge to tackle all seller issues, our teams are dynamically created based on the expertise needed to solve your daily needs or specific challenges. From reimbursements to stranded inventory to verification issues and acquisitions to suspended accounts, we deliver what you need when you need it to keep compliant with Amazon and keep selling.

By hiring our Amazon experts, you immediately get support of a trained, versatile team that significantly multiplies the competency, expertise and deliverables for your Amazon business, without the daily headache of doing it all yourself. 

Our compliant Amazon Seller services include

Would you let a person who isn’t trained in Amazon to touch your account?

We wouldn’t.

All our specialists successfully complete our Amazon Seller
proprietary education

We’ve learned a thing or two in our 10+ years supporting Amazon Sellers. As the longest running Amazon Seller support company, we’ve managed and grown thousands of Amazon Seller accounts like yours. 

Along the way, we’ve built deep expertise and knowledge into how we can partner and advocate for our clients.  

Our team members are formally trained on Seller Central issues such as reimbursement, customer service, reinstatements, stranded inventory and even Dirty Seller Tricks©. Whatever sellers experience, we’ve trained and have grown a deep knowledge base of successful tactics after advocating for sellers for over a decade.

Compared to using general consultants or support services that require ramp up time to learn your account and Amazon, our teams are already rigorously trained and experienced supporting Seller accounts to make an immediate impact. 

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Custom service solutions with unlimited workload & fast turn around

Instead of picking from static service packages that don’t solve all your needs, tell us your pains and we’ll create personalized ​​service solutions with the right support, seller admins and hours to meet your needs and budget. We offer full- and part-time options as well as dedicated teams if you need 7-day a week or 24-hour coverage.

We act as an elite force multiplier to get your seller tasks completed efficiently and expertly no matter the volume of cases, tasks, or number of eCommerce marketplaces. We don’t pay per-task fees nor limit the number of ASINs.

Each custom solution includes specialists who work in your desired time zone to ensure fast communication and turnaround of requests, tasks and updates during your business hours. 

We work closely with your team to become part of your company. Our goal is to customize a support plan that meets your business and Seller support needs.

We want you to sleep soundly (it’s important to one’s health)

That’s why we offer 24/7 seller admin & workforce guarantee

We are available to you 24/7 – so you can sleep at night. Whether there is an unexpected pricing or listing issue, suspensions or even if your account is hijacked, we’re on top of the challenge fast, and work to get your account back selling. 

We’re so confident in our seller support staff that each service comes with a workforce guarantee; we’ll find you the skills and seller administrators needed to expertly manage your seller accounts

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