Meet the Leadership Team

eGrowth Partners' CEO, Cynthia Stine

Cynthia Stine

President & CEO

eGrowth Partners' employee, Brian

Brian Noble

Chief Financial Officer

Shem Davoc

Managing Director, Philippines

a B/W profile picture of a MicrosoftTeams' member at eGrowthPartners

Sharri Sumalacay

Operations Manager

Meet the Consulting Team

eGrowth Partners' employee, Devan

Devan Livaudais


Ayesha Pierce , consultant

Ayesha Pierce


Meet the Supervisors

eGrowth Partners' employee, Henri

Michael Henri Galotera


Maha Baker

Supervisor – Perch Team

A profile photo of an eGrowthPartner's employee

Angelica Fuentes


A profile picture of an eGrowthPartner's employee

Rogen Rose Prudente

Assistant Supervisor

John Michael Diosma - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Jinks Diosma

Assistant Supervisor

Meet the Executive Assistants

meet angelie

Angelie Alisen

Executive Assistant to Cynthia Stine / Supervisor

Meet the Support Team

eGrowth Partners' employee, Jean

Jean Sims

Helpdesk Officer

A picture of one of the MicrosoftTeams' member in eGrowthPartners

Juliepher Hortillas

HR Officer – Recruitment and Benefits Specialist

An employee of the eGrowth Partners

Sophie Dopson

HR Officer – Employee Relations

Paul Nino Silvestre - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Paul Nino Silvestre

IT Support Specialist

A picture of the eGrowthPartners'

Juniven Saavedra

Python Developer

Meet the Virtual Assistants

Jerrold Hernando

Jerrold Hernando

Virtual Assistant

Rodven Cabanas - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Rodven Cabanas

Virtual Assistant

Celmhar Najarilla - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Celmhar Najarilla

Virtual Assistant

One of the team members of the eGrowth Partners

Jeanylee Orga

Virtual Assistant

Domenique Benedicto - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Dom Benedicto

Virtual Assistant

Kristian Custodio

Virtual Assistant

JC Alimonsurin - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

JC Alimonsarin

Virtual Assistant

Azer Jane Dajay - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Azer Dajay

Virtual Assistant

Christelle Roscales

Virtual Assistant

Raven Fermin

Virtual Assistant

Klurke Gallano - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Klurke Gallano

Virtual Assistant

Ryan Johnson Co, egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Ryan Co

Virtual Assistant

Molave Tamayo - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Molave Tamayo

Virtual Assistant

Abi J Manale - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Abi-J Mañale

Virtual Assistant

Krizzia Salazar - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Krizzia Salazar

Virtual Assistant

Niko Don Demegillo

Virtual Assistant

Erika Flores - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Erika Flores

Virtual Assistant

One of the eGrowthPartner team members

Jen Jopanda

Virtual Assistant

an employee of eGrowthPartners

Pamela Pascual

Virtual Assistant

Kirby Jane Bayot - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Kirby Bayot

Virtual Assistant

Arvie Valenciana, egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Arvie Valenciana

Virtual Assistant

Patrick Abellar

Virtual Assistant

Armary Redano - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Armary Redano

Virtual Assistant

Kenneth Supersales - egrowth partner's virtual assistant

Kenneth Superales

Virtual Assistant

Joemar Cocjin

Assessment Support

An image of an eGrowthPartners employee

Rosenie Guto

Marketing Assistant

Cynthia Stine

Cynthia Stine is the founder of eGrowth Partners. Since 2014 she has helped thousands of sellers resolve tricky problems with Amazon. From getting accounts reinstated to recovering profitable listings to fighting IP infringement cases, eGP acts as an advocate for sellers. Widely recognized as one of the leaders in the world of Amazon suspensions, Cynthia has built her firm from just herself to 40+ employees in multiple countries since 2015. She started selling on the platform in 2010 and began consulting in 2012. In 2015 she wrote the multi-award-winning book Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account to help sellers avoid the pain she saw with her clients. The book is also available in Mandarin. She regularly speaks at conferences, gives webinars, and leads workshops worldwide. Previous to 2010 she had 22+ years as a business consultant specializing in turnaround, crisis, communications and marketing.

Brian Noble

Brian is an experienced corporate leader with over 30 years of experience as a C suite executive. He has served as CEO, COO, and CFO for both public and private companies during his career. During this time, he has helped bring several companies into the public market as well as creating through mergers and acquisition several companies that were sold in the private investment space. During his career, he has acquired 35 companies in a variety of industries. With Brian’s focus on cash flow and profitability we are happy to report the company’s financial position is strong and eGrowth Partners is prepared for sustainable growth.

Education: Distinguished Certificate in General Management, Darden School of Business – University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. Executive Leadership Program Harvard. Bachelor of Science Missouri State University

Shem Davoc

Shem has been working with Cynthia since 2011 and is the Managing Director and part owner of the office in Iloilo City, Philippines.  She has created the systems, processes, training and hiring criteria required to scale to 30+ people across a range of services for both eGrowth Partners and sister company High Touch Smiles.  Our clients love Shem’s cheerful calm and ability to solve a wide range of their Amazon and personnel issues. 

Sharri Sumalacay

Sharri has been a regular employee of the company. She started working as a Virtual Assistant and after 5 months, She was promoted to become a Trainer. Almost 70% of the employees were trained by her. Before she could celebrate her anniversary as a Trainer, She was then promoted to become the Operations Manager. Sharri is the kind of manager that really established a strong relationship with all the employees. She is a true leader.

Sharri also is a public servant who serves her community as Barangay Councilor for over 12 years already. She is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science major in Management Accounting degree. She has a passion for singing, dancing, and playing basketball.

Devan Livaudais

Devan is originally from New Orleans and has recently moved to upstate New York from Washington D.C. He is a Consultant with roughly three years of progressive experience dealing with Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, SEARS, and Kmart. He has a love for sales, analysis, and for finding data-driven solutions to problems within a company and also considers himself a master of professional soft skills, including communication, inclusive teamwork, effective listening, and critical thinking.

Devan’s life philosophy can be summed up by Amit Ray’s words: “Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups and downs, but that’s its beauty.”

He spends his downtime by being outdoors as much as possible. He enjoys hiking and taking unplanned road trips with no destination. A sense of wonder and adventure is the most important thing to him in his life.