Avoid Amazon Suspension & Get Back to Selling

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Protect Your Amazon Seller Account with Expert Guidance

Amazon policy violations can happen frequently, and many sellers find themselves unknowingly breaking rules that lead to account suspension. In this guide, we’ll show you how to avoid account suspension and, if your account is suspended, how to quickly get it reinstated.

About the Author

Meet the Expert Behind the Guide

Cynthia Stine is the founder, President, and CEO of eGrowth Partners, a renowned thought leader in reinstatement strategies and Amazon seller account protection. She authored and published “Suspension Prevention” in just three months and has been a prominent speaker at Amazon conferences.

Throughout the years, eGrowth Partners has invested in the infrastructure and processes necessary to provide consistent services. What sets Cynthia and her team apart is their genuine care for clients. Many of them have been or are Amazon sellers, which allows them to understand the aspirations and challenges of entrepreneurial clients.

Cynthia and her team uphold a core value of personal client interaction, offering evening and weekend services and even having receptionists to answer phone calls instead of relying solely on email communication.

What You'll Discover

Key Insights to Safeguard Your Amazon Seller Account

How to Steer Clear of Violations

No seller wants to receive a violation email from Amazon. In this section, you’ll learn about the various types of violations, strategies to prevent them, and how to appeal if necessary. Explore real client case studies that relate to specific violation scenarios.

How to Reclaim Your Account

Discover proven best practices for reactivating your suspended account. These practices have been successfully employed by our clients, helping them quickly resume revenue generation on Amazon.

How to Get Clean and Stay Clean

Sustaining your presence on Amazon requires ongoing maintenance. Incorporate these ten seller best practices into your processes to keep your account in good standing and consistently in front of your customers.