Red Flags When Searching for a Reinstatement Expert

Service providers who claim to be “experts” in Amazon account and ASIN reinstatements appear to be a dime a dozen these days. How can you be sure to pick the right provider to help you with your reinstatement?

We’ve identified eight red flags to indicate what to beware of in your search.

  1.  Cheap Cookie-Cutter Appeals – If a service provider is charging $500 or less for an appeal, it’s more than likely that they’re using appeal templates and just plugging in your information.  It’s also likely they are NOT doing assessments, giving you follow-up appeals, advising you on next steps or even contacting Account Health on your behalf.  Bottom line, you’re getting nothing more than a cookie-cutter appeal.
  2.  No In-Depth Assessments – They’re not accessing your account to uncover the true root causes of your suspension. If they’re not doing an in-depth assessment of your account and pulling critical reports, how can they truly understand what caused your suspension or give you a plan of action to address those root causes?
  3.  No Free Consultations – You’re expected to just sign-up online. How can a provider know if they can help you without talking to you first?

4. Pushy Salespeople – If you get a free consultation, beware of the pushy salesperson who’s more concerned with closing the deal than understanding your case and seeing if they can help you or not.

5. Lack of Visibility – The owners of the company are not visible. In other words, they’re not doing speaking engagements, writing books or doing anything, really, to show that they are subject-matter experts and share their expertise freely.  Instead, they’re hiding behind websites.

6. Claims that are Too Good to Be True – Beware of providers who claim they have a 100% success rate with reinstatements or have inside contacts. In reality, nothing or no one is successful 100% of the time, and anyone who claims to have an inside contact who can guarantee reinstatement is looking to get sued by Amazon. It’s only a matter of time before Amazon catches up with them.

7.  All Positive Reviews – If you don’t see negative reviews, it’s possible the provider has found a way to eliminate negative reviews.  Every company should have negative and positive reviews.

8.  Hard to Reach – If it’s hard to get someone on the phone to get more information on their services, you’ll likely get the same level of responsiveness from the person working on your appeal.

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