How Amazon Sellers Reconcile Shipments in a Pandemic

To protect its workers, Amazon stopped stamping freight carrier paperwork for shipments during the pandemic.  This has created headaches for volume sellers when Amazon denies a shipment was received or refuses a reimbursement claim for a received shipment.

Recently we had a client ask us: “In October, Amazon announced they would not be stamping BOL documents for freight carriers for COVID safety.  Due to this change, I have been unable to get stamped BOL or any POD documents from carriers.   When reconciling inbound FBA shipments Amazon requires Stamped BOL and POD documents before they will process reimbursement for missing items.  I am unable to provide those documents due to Amazon not providing them to the carriers.  This results in reimbursement being denied.  To date it has only been a couple units here and there.  I have a case open now that has a larger discrepancy that I don’t want to let go.”

Happily, as we informed our client, there is a workaround. Amazon will accept confirmation from Carrier Central.  If you are sending in full truckloads and making your own warehouse delivery appointments, you can easily download all the proof you need that the inventory was received.  If you are sending in LTL shipments, you can either ask your carrier for their truck manifest or their own confirmation from Carrier Central – whatever they are able to provide you. 

The manifest shows the Amazon PO number (if you are 1P) or FBA number (if you are 3P) and the number of units delivered.  You can see an example HERE. Special thanks to Eddie Levine for sharing his knowledge of Carrier Central and for providing the LTL example!  He’s a logistics dynamo!

For Amazon sellers who use UPS, FEDEX, USPS or other carrier, you can get proof of delivery from the carrier through their tracking numbers.

Amazon is fully integrated with all the major carriers, so it is business as usual for sellers using these carriers.

We answer questions like these every day for our retainer clients.  Our services are much more than reinstatements.  We are offering a holiday special on Account Management through 12/31/20.  Contact us now to learn more! 

We hope everyone is having a successful selling season despite this year’s unusual challenges.  I ordered all my gifts online this year and want to personally acknowledge and thank all the hard-working sellers who made it possible for me and my family to shop safely.

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