Every day, sellers are under siege.  They have to somehow keep buyers from writing complaints, maintain perfect performance and product quality metrics, respond to everything Amazon sends them, live in constant fear of an Amazon account suspension, fight off bad actors who may be changing their listings, leaving bogus reviews, stealing their inventory and more!

Brand-sellers have the additional headaches of protecting their intellectual property on the platform, clearing off unauthorized sellers from their listings, dealing with counterfeit sellers and fending off (mostly) bogus IP claims from other brands.

eGrowth Partners started as a reinstatement company in 2015, but quickly expanded our offerings in response to sellers’ needs for protection and proactive support, not just reinstatement.  Click below to learn more about our services or just reach out – we’re happy to talk through your specific needs:

Reinstatements – We are the market leader in Amazon account and ASIN reinstatements.  Not only were we the first consulting firm dedicated to reversing and preventing suspensions, we literally wrote the book on it:  Suspension Prevention:  Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account. The book won two international book awards in the small business category, has been translated into Chinese and is still a strong seller, five years later.  Since that time, we’ve helped tens of thousands of sellers resolve their problems with Amazon and get back to selling.  Learn how we can help you! 

Intellectual Property protection and enforcement – Ever since Amazon Brand Registry was launched, we looked for a solution to help brands enforce their rights while simultaneously protecting honest sellers from improper IP claims and suspensions:  eGrowth Partners Brand Enforcer was launched in 2019.Our special relationship with Amazon allows us to use the buyer-seller message platform with permission and our proprietary process ensures that brands get the results they desire without making false claims or worrying about seller lawsuits.  Sellers who are selling authentic products are not harmed. It has been a great success.  Learn more about how Brand Enforcer can help you! 

Trademarks and IP lawsuits – With the flurry of IP claims and lawsuits that came with Brand Registry, our clients needed more than reinstatements and Amazon expertise, they needed help from IP experts.  We partnered with several top IP law firms to help our clients file trademarks and patents, fight off IP lawsuits…or start them.  Each firm specializes in Amazon and understands how to get results for their clients, Amazon’s mediation process and more.  We’ve seen them in action and recommend them wholeheartedly.  Check out our legal protection offerings here!

Consulting – It seems like Amazon has a new policy or reason to bedevil sellers every week.  Our job is to stay on top of these changes and help you be successful.  We have the benefit of working with more than 100 cases a month which means we learn fast what Amazon needs.  We’ve been riding at the Amazon rodeo for a long time and have a wealth of information to direct towards your problems.  We can address a wide range of Amazon issues – See what we can do for you!

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