A Prime Event Day (PED) Deal Set-up Case


The client encountered issues setting up deals for Prime Event Day. Initially, a flat 20% discount was applied to all ASINs. However, many deals were flagged as “Suppressed” with two main errors:

Price Undercut: “Suppressed. Discounted Prime Price must beat the lowest price for the ASIN in the past 30 days.” This indicated the discounted price fell below the lowest price offered in the previous month.

Minimum Price Violation: “Suppressed. Discounted Prime Price is lower than your minimum allowed price.” This suggested the discounted price dipped below the predefined minimum price for the product.

Following the Error Percentage Suggestion, the team adjusted the discount percentages for each ASIN. However, the issues persisted. Further investigation revealed an error in the client’s internal spreadsheet formula used to calculate the “Required Deal Price.” This formula did not account for the minimum price, resulting in discounted prices falling below the allowed threshold.


The solution involved a simple update to the formula. The team ensured the calculated
discounted price (using the Prime discount) never fell below the minimum allowed price.

This effectively prevented the “Required Deal Price” from violating the minimum threshold and ensured our deals complied with Amazon’s guidelines.


By correcting the formula in the spreadsheet, the team successfully resolved the errors that were suppressing the Prime Event Day deals. The previously flagged “Suppressed.

Discounted Prime Price…” errors were eliminated. This ensures the discounted prices meet both the minimum allowed price and the “lowest price in the past 30 days”
requirement. Consequently, the affected deals will now function as intended on Prime Event Day.