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eGrowth Partners and Hub Dub have teamed up to be your distribution and multi-channel sales solution. Hub Dub will help you build, promote and manage your e-commerce strategy, and B2B sales channels.

They specialize in purchasing products directly from manufacturers, distributors and brand owners and warehouse them all under our own roof.  From there, they’ll work with you to create a custom-tailored approach built to meeting your distribution needs and preserving your brand value.

About Hub Dub

Hub Dub offers all our vendors access to diverse sales channels globally, both online and offline.  We put our experience to work for you by managing the distribution chain effectively.

Mass retailers and their complex requirements can be a challenge for any brand.  We reduce this stress by working with them directly and streamlining the sales process for you.

Ensuring your products are receiving the maximum amount of exposure online is vital to your brand’s success.  Unauthorized retail offers can result in serious long-term damage to the sales you receive from your core customer base and impact your bottom line.  Our experienced team is ready to help with both issues by creating a plan that is custom tailored to your individual brand needs.

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