Our High Touch Smiles division provides full-time employee support services for a wide range of eCommerce businesses.  Get all of the benefits of outsourcing your employees with none of the hassle.  They: 

  • Are fully trained by the best Amazon consulting firm in the business using our proprietary, in-depth training program that we’ve used to train more than 100 of our own team members for years
  • Will keep your account fully compliant with Amazon’s fast-changing policies and terms of service
  • Understand Seller Central from Day 1 and are capable of managing all your day-to-day Amazon account maintenance and monitoring issues.
  • Handle any function in your company that can be accomplished with a computer and internet. 
  • Take care of phone and online customer service for our clients on all their eCommerce platforms, not just Amazon.
  • Make “customer wellness checks,” take orders and make appointments for you 
  • Call your potential suppliers for research or to set appointments
  • Act like any other member of your company, interacting with your team via Slack, Zoom, phone or your proprietary system.
  • Use our computers, on-site diesel generators, back-up high-speed internet services, VPNs, basic software and more so you don’t have to buy and maintain equipment
  • Are hired and trained by us with personnel issues handled by us so you can spend your time on your business
  • Work YOUR hours
  • Have access to eGrowth Partners’ consultants when needed for tricky Amazon issues, and you’ll get discounted rates on consultations and reinstatements if you need them


  • Train us once and you’ll never have to train us again.  We capture your processes and tasks and train your future employees for you
  • On-site supervision means your workers are productive and can get help from our 30+ other analysts and team members in the same location for most Amazon questions
  • Our workers have college degrees.  Many were previously teachers, nurses, and even Amazon Seller Support workers
  • Clear English speakers with strong speaking and writing skills
  • Not happy with your worker? We’ll find and train another one. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

For a fraction of the cost of a US-based worker you can have a polite, hardworking full-time employee with advanced Amazon training from Day 1.


  • Phone and email customer support – Our polite, friendly team will reflect well on your company
  • Supplier and inventory research – Set your criteria and we’ll do the work
  • Outbound calls to customers for repeat orders – Wellness checks and order taking
  • Appointment setting with suppliers – Save hours of your time preparing for trade shows or setting up Zoom calls
  • Advanced sales and compliance reports – understand your profits and account risks
  • Negative feedback removal – keep your metrics high
  • Return and refund management – get all that Amazon owes you
  • Need a highly specialized skillset like SEO, social media, marketing or bookkeeping? Just ask!
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