Warning Amazon is liquidating sellers

A few weeks ago Amazon rolled out its liquidation program to sellers with very little fanfare. Many sellers missed it. Because they missed it, they may not realize it is a default program you have to turn OFF.

Sellers are reporting that Amazon is Liquidating their inventory for about 5 cents on the dollar without their permission. This can include inventory that is stranded for high price alerts or a deleted SKU.

In addition, other sellers who took the trouble to disable the settings are finding them enabled again. And again. And again. We have seen this kind of havoc before with services that have a default setting of “enabled.” Eventually the disabling will stick.

Automated unfulfillable settings
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What happens is Amazon reboots Seller Central for some reason and it re-enables a setting.  All sellers need to check their setting now and keep checking it or risk losing profitable inventory.  

  • To check your setting, go to Settings/ FBA / Automated unfulfillable settings.  
  • To see if there have been any Liquidations, go to Reports / Payments / Deferred Transactions / and then under Transaction Type “Liquidations.” 

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