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eGrowth Partners and Cabilly & Co work together to provide intellectual property and e-commerce law services.

Cabilly & Co. is one of the only firms in the world that combines years of expertise in intellectual property, and daily interactions with Amazon sellers. Our attorneys live and breathe Amazon, know the sellers’ struggles, their strength and their fights. We speak the seller’s language, and translate it to “legalese”.

Cabilly & Co's team consists of

US Attorneys

E-Commerce Pros

Trademark Experts


Practice Areas

Trademark Registration

Listing Reinstatement

Copyrights and Design Patent Registration

Patent Consulting



Drafting Terms of Service for Your E-Commerce Website

Opening A New Amazon Account

Changing Ownership in Amazon Accounts

Buying and Selling Amazon Accounts

Handling Lawsuits related to your E-commerce activity

Reinstating Etsy Listings and Accounts

Compliance and Regulation Consultation

Responding to Trademark and Design Patent Office Actions

IP Training

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