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Cynthia Stine

Cynthia is the #1 authority in Amazon Reinstatement. Cynthia has been an Amazon seller since 2010.  She’s an Amazon expert, a sought-after spea.

Cynthia is the #1 authority in Amazon Reinstatement. Cynthia has been an Amazon seller since 2010.  She’s an Amazon expert, a sought-after spea.

Mar 1 7 minutes read


There’s so much going on at Amazon right now I hardly know where to start. This is an alert I sent to our clients recently. If you are a client and aren’t getting our alerts, it is because you didn’t opt in.  Contact us at:  [email protected] if you would like to receive the opt-in email again.


We have seen numerous clients flagged for fraud simply because they change their bank accounts. When you are flagged, you are blocked from logging into your account and it can take some time to get access to your account again. The fraud department is different from Seller Performance and we have no way to reach them directly. Some of our clients have been waiting weeks to get back into their accounts.

If at all possible, do NOT change your bank account, credit card or email. I understand that people may want to for various business reasons. This is not the time. Until Amazon figures out the difference between normal business practices and fraud, it is a huge mess. You don’t want to be locked out of your account for days or weeks.

As soon as I write this, someone will say “I just changed my bank account and didn’t have any problems.”  All I can say is we are getting blocked accounts every day and that is the only common denominator.  Be careful.


Every week we turn away clients who have failed verification in the UK or the US. We can no longer help after they’ve failed. We strongly urge our Get Clean Stay Clean clients who have been asked to verify their accounts to let us review their documents first. This is included in your service and could save you a lot of heartache.

To be absolutely clear here, we cannot get you reinstated once you fail verification in the UK. Sometimes you will get a second chance in the US. We don’t handle verification reinstatements for this reason. We don’t want to take your money if we can’t help you.

We will review your documents and give you advice ahead of time, however, and I urge you to use us for that. We can at least spot common mistakes and advise you how to put your best foot forward with verification.

For those of you who are not clients, I strongly suggest you pre-verify all your documents before submitting to Amazon.  If Amazon calls your bank, credit card, utility, etc., and does not get the answer they want, you will be denied.


This is also the fraud group. A large number of sellers have been targeted by hackers.  Some have lost significant amounts of money. The hackers first change the email address and then they wait until the last minute and change the bank account right before the draw. To add insult to injury, Amazon blames our clients for not securing their passwords adequately and block them from their accounts.

If you have been hacked and lost money, report it immediately to your local FBI office. Get a crime report/case number and use it to help get your login access back. Once you are back, be sure to set up two-step verification on your account.  We find we have to work with Seller Performance to get traction for our clients.  Seller Support is helpless.


This will be mandatory on ALL Amazon seller accounts by June 30th. Our assumption is that sellers who don’t comply will be shut out of their accounts…because that’s what Amazon does. This is something only account admins/superusers can do. Your Get Clean Stay Clean team or VA can’t set it up for you, unfortunately.

Experience from other sellers has shown that using the Authenticator App from Google to generate the code works better than Amazon’s system. When you go to the page to set up two-step verification you will see that you have a choice of how to generate the code and where it is sent (text or voicemail).

  1. In SellerCentral, go to “Settings” and then “Login Settings”
  2. Follow the instructions. You will have an option to use Amazon’s code generator or an Authenticator App. Download the Google Authenticator App to your phone and connect to your Amazon account. This will allow you to generate codes even if you don’t have cell service (like when you travel to China…). It is super easy.

Once you are set up, your support team/limited access users will still be able to access your account. What happens is Amazon generates the code and sends it to their email address.


Now that Amazon has turned the “opt-out” back on, some of our clients are seeing massive numbers of email opt-outs – and usually in big bursts. This is because of Amazon, not your email service provider. Some of our clients are finding that the percentage of opt-outs is staggeringly high.

If you are using Feedback Genius and you are getting greater than 10% opt-outs, they’ve agreed to look into your situation to see if they can detect a pattern or a reason. What they are seeing is that most of their clients are experiencing around 10% on average, but larger accounts are seeing 30% or higher.

They’ve been in contact with Amazon and are talking to them about the opt-out issue. Any patterns they can detect will help them and you.

Send your situation to: [email protected] My assistant Angel will be gathering and consolidating the emails to send to Feedback Genius. Please include:

  • Feedback Genius login email
  • Products that you are selling (“electronics, pet, beauty, toys, etc.”)
  • What percentage of opt-outs you are seeing (Sending X per day, getting X opt-outs)

Please only respond if your rate is higher than 10%. As with all new roll-outs from Amazon, we can expect hiccups in the beginning…that they will fix over time.


We offer a range of customized services to help sellers keep track of their seller accounts, manage negative events like ASIN suspensions, clean up their accounts from bad reviews, lost inventory, etc., collect reimbursements and more.  Our services also include alerts like this one just for our clients and 1-on-1 consulting for your private concerns.  Check out our packages HERE.

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