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by: Veronica Perez / October 23rd 2018

One of the questions we get most frequently on our monthly calls with retainer clients is “what’s new at Amazon?” By this they mean “what fresh new hell is Amazon throwing at us?”  We plan to make this a regular feature on our blogs so you know what’s going on. This brief is brought to you by one of our senior consultants, Veronica Perez.  Veronica has been with eGrowth Partners since 2015 and has helped hundreds of sellers get back on the platform.


Amazon’s 2018 Seller Summit, Boost with FBA Sizzles In More Ways Than One – Lessons Learned While I Sweated

by: Roy Miller  / June 27 2018

Last week’s Boost with FBA in New Orleans was hosted at Mardi Gras World, a great venue filled to the gills with sellers of all types. And yes, the A/C went on the fritz, so sellers were doing more than sharing and learning. They were doing a good deal of sweating as well. Regardless, the education, strategic direction from Amazon and the best benefit of all – meeting hundreds of sellers – was well worth the 2-day stay in the Big Easy. .


What Amazon’s New Safety Requirements Mean for Sellers

by: Brad Tucker / May 16, 2018

In late 2017, Amazon made big changes to health/beauty and topical requirements. Whereas, before a seller only needed to get approved for the entire health/beauty or grocery categories, policy now requires approval for specific types of products within those categories.


Amazon Suspends Buyer Accounts - What It Means for Sellers

by: Cynthia Stine / April 11, 2018

Recent moves by Amazon against bad actor buyers have taken many by surprise.  For sellers, however, we’ve been waiting for years to see Amazon go after buyers who abuse the system.  Some Amazon buyers who are also sellers have lost both their buying and seller accounts.  What’s going on?  Can buyers appeal? Can suspended sellers get back on the platform? How can you make sure your buyer account isn’t next on the list?


More Amazon Bundles of Joy

by: Cynthia Stine / March 23, 2018

Recently, we wrote on how a confluence of initiatives by different groups within Amazon are causing problems for sellers of Amazon bundles.  There were a lot of follow-up questions from our clients and the community. Special thanks to Charlene Anderson’s Wholesale Sourcing Experts group who invited me to answer questions on a recent podcast.  Many of these questions are from their members.



by: Cynthia Stine / February 21, 2018

We had another Frantic Friday last week as sellers were erroneously informed that they are only allowed to send one email to Amazon buyers now.  This was a mistake as I explain below. In addition, new rules at Amazon are converging to make a perfect sh*t storm for bundle sellers on the platform.  I revisit Amazon’s rules on bundles as they are stated and as they are being practiced. Since this post was first written, I’ve added additional links to Amazon. You will need to login to your account.


Should Amazon Sellers Pay Sales Tax?

by: Cynthia Stine / February 13, 2018

With the recent moves by Massachusetts to identify and collect sales tax from Amazon sellers, the community is once again debating whether we should be registering and filing in states with nexus. I sat down with accountant and Sales and Local Tax (SALT) expert Chris Stout to get some guidance.  Chris has practiced this area of specialty for more than 20 years.  He works frequently with Amazon sellers and understands the issues, concerns and potential pitfalls we face. His company is Sales Tax Solutions*.


Latest Amazon Suspensions And News

by: Cynthia Stine / February 7, 2018

Amazon is constantly growing and evolving its algorithm to protect buyers and ensure a positive buying experience.  As a customer, I appreciate it a lot.  As a seller…sometimes its harder.  The old saying of having to break a lot of eggs to make an omelet comes to mind, especially when our clients are the eggs. This week I look at recent Amazon seller suspensions and other moves that sellers need to know.


Seven Things Amazon Gets Right For Sellers

by: Cynthia Stine / January 19, 2018

In my job I see a lot of things go wrong between Amazon and its sellers.  It’s easy to get frustrated and to complain about Amazon suspensions, mysterious new polices that spring up like mushrooms after a rain (translate after some kind of clusterf*ck at Amazon), confusing communications and the general black hole that Amazon puts between itself and its sellers.  Like the IRS, Amazon often treats us as guilty until proven innocent and the method for resolving issues is awful.  Nevertheless, we keep plugging away because we don’t ever forget what a tremendous wealth creating machine Amazon has created and allowed us to share in.  This week I wanted to look at what is going RIGHT for sellers. In addition, there are two pieces of exciting news from Amazon at the bottom of this blog.


Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors Part 2

by: Cynthia Stine / January 3, 2018

Last week in Part 1 of this topic, we covered gurus, coaches and service providers particularly in relation to a recent consumer protection act lawsuit. In Part 2, we look at criminals on the prowl for Amazon sellers.


Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors Part 1

by: Cynthia Stine / December 27, 2017

Lately, there has been a rash of scams and schemes to separate Amazon sellers from their money. Sellers are getting suspended and sometimes getting permanently banned-It’s frustrating and depressing. But there is hope! The State of Washington has just filed a major lawsuit to protect sellers. Amazon is clearly behind the move and this is good news. In this post, we look at the lawsuit, as well as how to detect and protect yourself from potential rip-off artists, liars, thieves, and cheaters.


How To Avoid Amazon Seller Suspension During The Holiday Season

by: Cynthia Stine / December 13, 2017

Retailers generally make 60% of their annual revenue during Q4. It is the happiest time of year for all of us. Like the ghost of Christmas Present, however, the threat of an Amazon seller suspension hovers nearby causing anxiety. We hear “Amazon closed my account!” every day. This week I look at concrete steps Amazon sellers can take to avoid the most common reasons for account suspensions: Product Quality, Performance, Inauthentic/Counterfeit, and Infringement.


Everything You Wanted To Know About eGrowth Partners But Were Afraid To Ask…

by: Cynthia Stine / September 18, 2017

Normally I write about Amazon suspension and reinstatement issues in my blog, but this week I thought I’d address some of the most common questions we get from clients about eGrowth Partners.



by: Cynthia Stine / June 2, 2017

There’s so much going on at Amazon right now I hardly know where to start. This is an alert I sent to our clients recently. If you are a client and aren’t getting our alerts, it is because you didn’t opt in.  Contact us at:  [email protected] if you would like to receive the opt-in email again.



by: Cynthia Stine / September 11, 2017

Amazon has started suspending sellers for price gouging during Hurricane Harvey and we can expect the same for Irma and any other natural disaster. Please be aware that price gouging during times of emergency is a CRIME, not just distasteful. Thirty-four states – including Florida and Texas – and the District of Columbia have laws against profiteering. This is not about having the hot new toy. This is about people’s lives.


Amazon’s Code Of Conduct For Sellers

by: Cynthia Stine / February 21, 2017

Amazon is measuring its sellers against yet another yardstick…its Code of Conduct.  Never heard of it before?  You are not alone.  The Code is technically “published” but it sure as heck isn’t promoted to the seller community.  You have to search deep into Seller Central Help to find it.

We wouldn’t have gone looking ourselves except we suddenly got several clients who were suspended for Code of Conduct and we thought “what the….?”  Amazon did not even tell them what part of the code they violated, it was just a “Code of Conduct Violation.”


7 Ways Product Review Manipulation Brings Amazon Sellers Down

by: Cynthia Stine / February 9, 2017

Despite many warnings and policy changes by Amazon regarding product review programs, there seems to be a lot of confusion among sellers about what they are and aren’t allowed to do to get more product reviews.

To recap, we are not allowed to use any product review service except Amazon Vine.  This has caused sellers to turn towards sales driving products like Snagshout and others – which Amazon likes.  They like sales just fine.


Amazon’s Game Plan Against Bad Actors On The Platform

by: Cynthia Stine / February 3, 2017

Amazon has a term for sellers who deliberately violate policies, enact dirty seller tricks and ruin the buyer experience on the platform: bad actors.  The company has new, tougher policies and is enforcing like never before.  Here is the game plan as we are seeing it unfold:


Amazon Suspension And Reinstatement News

by: Cynthia Stine / January 24, 2017

Just some quick notes of what’s happening in the world of Amazon suspension.  Tune in next week for a post on how Amazon is addressing bad actors on the platform. Please note that when I say “I believe, should, may, might,” etc. that I am expressing my opinion based on what we are seeing and hearing and not official Amazon policy.


The Amazon Glitch That Stole Christmas…

by: Cynthia Stine / November 20, 2016

Amazon continues to accelerate the pace of change for its sellers. With the rollout of its new dashboard many sellers were told they were in immediate danger of suspension…even though most of them weren’t.  Talk about the Amazon glitch that stole Christmas!  Client after client asks us “Why is Amazon Doing This in Q4?”


Does Amazon Realize It Is Q4?

by: Cynthia Stine / October 13, 2016

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of Amazon changes that are making the seller community run in circles….right before Q4.  From brand restrictions to linked accounts to new suspension reasons to its continuing crack down on product review programs, Amazon is vigorously cleaning house. Our volume of suspensions has been increasing.  What is going on?!? Does Amazon even realize it is Q4? All these changes come at a really tough time for sellers who are suddenly afraid to ramp up for the holidays.


Amazon Seller News You Can Use – Is Arbitrage Changing?

by: Cynthia Stine / August 19, 2016

There’s a lot going on with Amazon right now. Amazon is getting closer and closer to shutting down retail arbitrage and online arbitrage on the platform. The customer dissatisfaction metrics are due to go live at long last in October. A new paid Seller Support program promises better support for those willing to pay. Sellers have discovered new tricks to manipulate seller reviews…and Amazon is catching them.


UPDATE: Why You Need Amazon Brand Approval Now

by: Cynthia Stine / August 25, 2016

Let me state upfront that a lot is going on at Amazon and there are questions I’m trying to find out for all of us about all these restricted brands.  Some of this is official (i.e. from Amazon PR) and some isn’t (other sources, our clients’ experiences, etc.).  It is intended to provide more food for thought as you deal with the changes going on in the platform.


The 411 On UPC Codes And Inauthentic Claims For USED Media At Amazon

by: Cynthia Stine / May 12, 2016

Peering inside Amazon’s black box algorithm is a Kabuki play – full of style, drama and mystery. This week I interpret several new moves in Amazon’s ponderous fan dance including enforcement of UPC codes, inauthentic claims for USED products and a new pricing tool from Amazon.


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