Account Reinstatement

Did Amazon shut your business down?  Fight to get it back.

One-hour assessment of your unique suspension/ban situation and evaluation of your chances for reinstatement: $750
Upon consultation and client approval, we will write the complete appeal letter and plan of action, and guide you through the reinstatement process: $1,750
Total cost is $2,500 for account reinstatement.

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When Amazon suspends or bans you, they hold your money for up to 90 days and charge you 50 cents per unit to return your inventory.

Fight back, it's not too late! Inquire now to reinstate your account or choose to expedite your case and you will receive your plan of action within 24 hours.

What You Need To Know About Suspensions And Being Banned

If you don’t handle your appeal exactly the way Amazon wants you to, you will be banned.  The scary letter will tell you that it is over and they won’t talk to you anymore.

There is a lot at stake! Your money, your livelihood and your peace of mind. 

Even if you don’t want to work with me, please don’t send in your appeal without someone objective looking at it. 

If you are already banned, take heart.  We have a good track record of getting Amazon to listen even after they’ve slammed the door shut. We can’t make promises, but after reviewing your situation, we will tell our candid opinion about your choices and our suggestions for your next steps.

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