Amazon Account Reinstatement and Suspension Prevention
Sales and Catalog Audit

From this audit eGrowth Partners will help you identify and understand the data that’s buried in your Seller Central Reports.

Putting up a business is not a joke and we are here to make you aware of what can help you raise your sales and get your business protected from vulnerabilities. With our sales and audit department, we at eGrowth Partners will help you identify and understand High And Low Performing ASINs In Terms Of Traffic And Sales, Sales Conversion Opportunities, Advertising Opportunities, Data Qualities Opportunities, Catalog Vulnerabilities. Our goal is to help you grow in your business and this is one step towards that goal.

High and low performing ASINs in terms of traffic and sales

We can help you pinpoint exactly which ASINs you have are underperforming. Amazon gives you the necessary data with regards to your products, which you should use to their full potential to increase your sales.

Sales conversion opportunities

We can help you recognize opportunities with which to help you grow your business. Having trouble selling a specific product? Maybe your keywords aren’t as they should be, or maybe you aren’t using any sales generating techniques at all. We can guide you towards a more progressive sales technique, one which will work for the type of business you are running.

Advertising opportunities

The problem with most products not selling well isn’t that they are good or they aren’t working as intended, it’s because people don’t know that those products exists. The online market is saturated with low quality products and you know that yours can do better. The thing is they know how to advertize and you don’t. We can help you with that problem and we can also create opportunities with which you can take advantage of.

Data qualities opportunities

Remember us telling you that Amazon has the data you need to help you pinpoint which product is selling well and which isn’t? Well those data quantifies to growth. Information is key to determining which path you should take to gain the most benefit. What we are trying to sell here is our help to get you those opportunities using the path of least resistance.

Catalog vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are the bane of every business. As we know, nothing can be kept safe if you are targeted. But we can help point out to you which part of your catalog is most likely vulnerable to attacks. With that in mind you can then put up defensive measures to protect that part of your catalog which is vulnerable thus making you least prone to being targeted.