Amazon Account Reinstatement and Suspension Prevention
per month
High-grade services for sellers looking for a proactive solution for managing their Amazon account performance
Negative seller feedback removal
Monthly strategy call (30 minutes) to review your account performance and areas of opportunity
20 hours of Seller Central account support*
Access to exclusive Amazon alerts and Seller Central updates just for our clients
per month (starting at)
Custom services that allows a seller to move from defense to offense when it comes to managing their Amazon account performance.
Let our team handle your account needs so you can focus on growing your business.
Negative feedback removal
Up to 4 hours of strategy consulting per month, which can include reviewing your account performance, operational performance audits, ASIN reinstatement, responding to policy violations, or other strategic account needs
60 hours Seller Central account support*
Access to exclusive Amazon alerts and Seller Central updates just for our clients
Up to 50% Discount if your account is ever suspended by Amazon
Free eCopy of Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account.

*Seller Central account support includes:

  • Negative seller feedback removal
  • Suppressed listings
  • FBA reimbursements
  • Shipment reconciliation
  • Upload flat files
  • Listing creations
  • Customer Services

For Amazon Sellers Only!
Get Clean, Stay Clean™ Service

Your Weekly Suspension Prevention and Early Warning System

Weekly In-depth Analysis

Our proprietary Canary Report gives you crucial metrics that Amazon doesn’t – Product Quality – as well as keeping an eye on your Performance Metrics for you.

This is buried data from your account that lets you act quickly before Amazon decides to suspend.

Account Clean-Up

Would you like help cleaning up your account after you’ve been reinstated or to avoid future suspension?

We have a trained team ready to help with all kinds of administrative tasks from fixing listings to setting up your Feedback Genius account to removing negative feedback. Let’s talk about what you need!

Access to Our Consultants

Things come up all the time – new policy warnings, suspended ASINs, false claims.

In addition, you might want consulting about how to market your products, private label, improving listings, compliance and other issues. We are here to help.

Because you are our Get Clean Stay Clean client, you will have access to our team of consultants when you need us either through email (Basic Level) a monthly scheduled call (Pro and up).

Reinstatement Discount

Every month that you are with us, you earn a 10% discount on a future (god forbid!) reinstatement – up to a total of 50% off. Hopefully you will never need this particular benefit, but we’re here to help if you do.


Our services are tailored to your business needs and pain points. We offer everything from handling your customer service on holidays, evenings and weekends to advanced image/listing clean-up to weekly product review analysis to project managing your Amazon notifications (yes, some of our clients get them daily!) and more.

Our highly trained and experienced team of analysts and customer service agents will help you get money back from Amazon (FBA sellers), keep up with those pesky negative feedbacks, file cases, fix suppressed listings, conduct listing audits, delight your customers…almost anything you can imagine. We can also help on the growth side and create websites, new listings, research keywords, optimize your current listings, and manage PPC campaigns.

If it can be done over the internet, we can probably do it. Think of us as YOUR Amazon Administrative Team.

Let us prepare a quote for you today!

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Business slows when the owner spends too much time IN the business and not enough time ON the business. We can help your growth goals by taking repetitive, administrative tasks off of you. Focus on increasing revenue instead of constantly fighting fires.