Amazon Account Reinstatement and Suspension Prevention
  • debra ditieri
    Posted at 14:22h, 03 February Reply

    Hi,I am trying to RSVP for orlando and cannot find the link.

  • Phil
    Posted at 14:03h, 09 February Reply

    Are you saying that Amazon is cracking down on sellers doing retail/online arbitrage ?

    • Cynthia Stine
      Posted at 19:07h, 11 February Reply


      Amazon is cracking down on sellers who buy from inauthentic sources. They consider buying from retailers to be inauthentic. We groan every time we have a client who has receipts to prove authenticity instead of invoices. If they are suspended we are usually able to get them back, but they are not allowed to sell those items again – nor other inauthentic items from retailers.


      • Richard
        Posted at 06:00h, 20 April Reply

        I would imagine that products like vcr’s that are no longer being manufactured will not be able to be sold on amazon at some point because they are no longer able to be purchased from what amazon would consider to be an “authentic” source. And even if someone had purchased them from an authorized distributor/wholesaler in the past they’d be in trouble because amazon only accepts invoices less than (6?) mos. old, correct? And things like collectible board games, even if you pay the fee to sell them, if amazon ever asks for invoices it won’t end well.

        • Cynthia Stine
          Posted at 21:18h, 05 June Reply


          You are right. It will be harder and harder to sell used and discontinued items on the platform over time. Amazon wants invoices within the past year generally. I’ve never heard of Amazon asking for proof of authenticity on collectible games, but if there is a complaint of inauthentic you would in trouble if you didn’t have an authentic source for the items.


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