Amazon Account Reinstatement and Suspension Prevention

What you need to know about ASIN Suspensions and Reinstatement

Every day Amazon shuts down sellers’ profitable ASINs (listings) for product quality issues or policy violations.


Even more concerning, these warnings are usually all a seller gets before they are suspended. It is important that you respond to each ASIN suspension even if you don’t intend to sell that item any longer.


At eGrowth Partners, we help you get back to making money.

WATCH: Cynthia Stine on Amazon Suspension, Prevention and Reinstatement

  • Five things you need to know about suspensions

  • Product quality

  • Your worst claims in Amazon’s eyes.

  • Reinstatement tips

  • Suspension prevention tips

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After helping hundreds of suspended and banned Amazon sellers get reinstated, Cynthia Stine knows how sellers get in trouble…and how they get out.

ASIN Reinstatement
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FAQs on our ASIN Reinstatement Service

How long will it take for me to get reinstated?
Amazon’s response time may vary and we have no control over that. There is no guarantee of success. You are buying an assessment of your account and a written appeal/plan of action to Amazon based on our experience reinstating hundreds of Amazon sellers. While we will help with follow up appeals as needed, we cannot promise a specific turnaround time for the second, third, etc. round of appeals.
How likely is my ASIN to get reinstated if I work with you?
We have 95% ASIN reinstatement success out of the 700+ ASINs we have worked on.
Is this refundable?
There are no refunds once work has begun. We don’t work for for Amazon and you are paying for our time.
I want to talk to someone from your company first before I buy.

Sure. Call us at +1-972-432-6385

Will you still work on my case after the appeal letter is sent?
Yes we will work with you on the back and forth communication and process to get your ASIN back. We will also provide you a list of things to do and not to do to prevent this from occurring again.
What if I have multiple ASINS suspended? Is there a bundle discount?
Sign up now and we’ll let you know what more it will cost for us to handle your additional ASINs. If it is the same issue, we can often bundle them into one appeal. For separate issues, we will give you a custom quote.
One of my most profitable ASIN was suspended and I want my case to be expedited. Is there an option to expedite?
Expedited services guarantee 24-hour turnaround for our assessment and plan of action for you.