Amazon Account Reinstatement and Suspension Prevention

What are your options for your Amazon Infringement Case?

Get back to selling fast with the team of eGrowth Partner and Amazon IP attorney Jeffrey Breloski of ATLawIP!

We’ve joined with Jeffrey to provide our clients with the best possible solution to Amazon intellectual property infringement issues. Whether you are a brand owner looking to protect your IP on the platform or a third-party seller accused of violation, we can help you.


What if a dirty seller is decimating your sales with unfair business practices? Amazon may not do anything about it, but we can help you get rid of them permanently.

We know how to talk so others listen. With Jeffrey handling the legal side and eGrowth Partners talking to Amazon, your chances for success go up dramatically. Don’t waste time with appeals that won’t work or petitioning rights holders who don’t respond.

A Message from Cynthia Stine


Many of our clients are surprised to get infringement claims and think they may have been filed by an unscrupulous competitor. Sometimes this is true and we are able to prove to Amazon’s satisfaction that the case was filed wrongly.


But sometimes you are actually in violation without realizing it. You might think that the first sale doctrine allows you to sell pretty much anything on Amazon. Unfortunately, trademark and copyright violations are an exception to this.


With Amazon’s new Brand Registry 2.0, brands are suddenly able to enforce their rights on the platform in a whole new way – faster, easier, and with no Amazon involvement. This means that infringement claims are exploding. Sellers are getting dinged for items they’ve not sold in years and rights holders aren’t always right.


And what if you didn’t even create the listing? Are you still responsible? Unfortunately, yes.

Let us help you sort out these issues and get you back to selling quickly by resolving the infringement claim to Amazon’s satisfaction.


Our specially priced infringement packages include both legal time with Jeffrey Breloski and consulting time with eGrowth Partners. We put these together after dozens of cases based on the situations we see the most often.


Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of ignoring these notices or leaving them unresolved with Amazon! You are asking for a painful suspension down the road.

WATCH: Cynthia Stine on Amazon Suspension, Prevention and Reinstatement

  • Five things you need to know about suspensions

  • Product quality

  • Your worst claims in Amazon’s eyes.

  • Reinstatement tips

  • Suspension prevention tips

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Award-winning Book: Suspension Prevention

After helping hundreds of suspended and banned Amazon sellers get reinstated, Cynthia Stine knows how sellers get in trouble…and how they get out.

Starts at
Assessment and Explanation

*Since all infringement cases are different, and some require an attorney, once we have done our assessment of your account we will provide you with a custom pricing quote for your case.

Assessment: An objective review of what went wrong in Amazon's eyes and our experienced opinion of whether or not it is worth continuing to fight.
Explanation: Clear explanation of what happned (many of our clients are baffled) and what has to happen next to get reinstated.
*Plan of Action: Changes must be made at your company before Amazon will reconsider. We will help you develop a plan that works with your organization and meets Amazon's requirements.
*Appeal letter: A compelling, coherent and clear appeal designed to meet Amazon's requirements and to explain complex situations to the reviewers in language they can understand.
*Strategy: New information often leads to new avenues to try. Sometimes we send the letter to a different department when one doesn't seem to be working. I'm with you until the final stone is turned and we have truly tried everything to get you reinstated.
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  • Quick assessment of your situation, your options and your chances

  • Strategic approach developed for your particular case

  • Your complex story simplified and written for Amazon’s seller performance team

  • Confused about why you are suspended? We’ll explain what happened

  • See that letter? Let’s make this happen for you!

What our customers say and what makes us really happy!

FAQs on our Account Reinstatement Service

How much will it cost?
$2,000 is our minimum fee. More complicated or drawn-out reinstatements may cost more because more time is involved.
What is eGrowthPartners' success rate?
Currently around 95% but this fluctuates weekly.
How many sellers have you gotten reinstated?
It is safe to say “several hundred.”  Some we’ve gotten reinstated multiple times.
Who are some of your customers?
Our services are 100% confidential. We are not at liberty to say. We can provide references with some notice (we have to call them first). Several of our clients have written about their reinstatements on Facebook groups like ScanPower and  ScannerMonkey.  Jeff Roth wrote a blog post about his experience.
Other reinstatement service providers won't help you if you've already failed your appeal. What makes you different?
It is easier to get someone reinstated if they are not already denied or banned, but we’ve been successful getting banned sellers back.  In fact, the majority of our customers failed their own appeals first.
What is your typical turnaround time?
Typical turnaround time for an assessment, appeal and plan of action is 2-5 business days.  We offer expedited service and special weekend rates for our clients who cannot, or do not want to, wait to get started.
What if my suspension was months or years ago? Can I still get back on the platform?
Maybe.  It depends on how long it has been since your last email with Amazon.  Years, no.  Months, maybe.
Why do I need to hire you? Can't I just read what to do on Amazon's website and write my own appeal?
Sure.  There are sellers who are successful writing their own appeals. Most of my customers try that before contacting me. They fail because they:
1. Don’t truly understand why they are suspended. Their appeal is incomplete
2. Are defensive, blaming, arrogant, rude…the list goes on
3. Don’t know how to write in “Amazon speak”
4. Are not sorry and think Amazon is too rigid
5. Still think they are selling on eBay or whatever platform they came from
6. Want Amazon to see things from their perspective
7. Don’t know the rules of engagement. They blow their appeal by asking questions, requesting phone calls, etc.
Would it be better to hire you before making my appeal?
YES! It is so much easier if you are only suspended and not banned.  I’ve gotten sellers reinstated in just a few days when they came to me first.
Are there situations where you can't help?
In the case where Amazon suspects fraud, we generally can’t help beyond advising you to get a lawyer.
If you buy products off of eBay, from middlemen/dealers or from liquidators and you are accused of counterfeit or inauthentic, our job will be much harder. Amazon is cracking down on the gray market.  Getting reinstated will involve you changing how you do business.
Sellers shut down for having multiple seller accounts (not the same as selling on multiple platforms) are generally pretty hard. We have to look at these on a case-by-case basis.
Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee to give you a fighting chance and to write a thoughtful and well-crafted appeal for you. We can’t make promises. Amazon doesn’t work for us.
Will you reimburse me if the attempt fails?
No. You are paying me for my time and experience. We can’t dictate Amazon’s decisions, unfortunately.
Can I pay half up front and half at the end?
Our terms are payment up front. We start with an assessment for $500 so we can see everything that is going on.  If we don’t feel we can help you, we stop after the assessment. If we move forward together, the rest of the fee is due before we start to work on the appeal.
How long does it take to get reinstated?
It can take a few hours, days or weeks.  We’ve had a few reinstatements that took months before we got their accounts back. We had to try a lot of things.
Why can it take so long?
Once you’ve been banned, it is very hard to get Amazon to actually look at your appeal and have a human make a decision.  We’ve got email addresses and other approaches to getting their attention but they don’t always work and we have to keep trying. Once you’ve been banned, they will either respond immediately with a form letter telling you to go away or they will wait days to more than a week to get back to you.
Most first-time appeals only take a couple of days – some are even faster.
I heard that writing Jeff Bezos can get you reinstated. Do you recommend that?
Writing Jeff is a last resort (his team doesn’t always respond) AND you need to make sure you have a really clear, tight and compelling appeal.  It can take a long time to hear back from him – if you ever hear back from him.  Writing Jeff is not a magic wand. His team doesn’t always say yes. Sometimes it can take weeks to hear back.  Writing Jeff Bezos is usually your very last chance. You don’t want to blow it.
What if I only want to get reinstated for a particular ASIN and my account isn't suspended?
We offer ASIN reinstatements for a lower fee.
How do I get started? Can I call you first?

Sure. Call us at 1-972-432-6385

Do I have to let you in to my account?
Yes. Most sellers don’t understand all the reasons they are suspended. By reading the reports, customer messages, performance notifications and case log for ourselves, we can often see things that they missed or didn’t realize was part of the reason they were suspended.
If I sign up, will I work directly with you?
It depends. Rather than having reinstatements bottlenecked by my time constraints, I have hired and trained a team to help me when demand is high.
What are your credentials to offer these services?
I have 25+ years experience as a business consultant including business turnarounds, sales, marketing, public relations, crisis communications and publishing advice. In addition, my 5+ years of selling Amazon FBA as well as writing, consulting and teaching about Amazon have given me the skill set, confidence, resources and know-how to prepare reinstatement appeals. My successes at reinstating even banned sellers demonstrate that my approach is sound.